End of an Era: Say Goodbye to America's Favorite 'Donuts'

September 25, 2018Sep 25, 2018

On Tuesday, September 25, Dunkin Donuts, one of the most famous donut chains in the nation, revealed that they will be undergoing a name and menu change. They revealed that while they will still have some donuts on the menu, they are dropping the staple item from their actual name and will be removing a lot of their selection.

Instead of "Dunkin Donuts," the chain will shorten its name to "Dunkin'." The chain, who would like to emphasize their coffee sales and begin making changes to their menu as well, has already tested out the new name in Boston. Now, all 12,500 of the restaurants will take on the shortened name. 

According to CBS News, the new name will begin to appear on signs, boxes, napkins, and all marketing materials. After making the change in U.S. locations, the global stores will begin to adapt to the change as well. 

Dunkin Donuts was founded 68 years ago and this will be one of the biggest changes that the company has gone through since its conception. However, the company revealed that they would be keeping a similar type of logo to their previous iconic one that was designed in 1973.

Not only will the company be removing donuts from their name, but they will also be narrowing down their selection of them available in stores. According to reports, several Dunkin' locations will only include a core of 18 donuts, compared to the 30+ varieties that most locations currently offer. 

The company revealed that they are making these changes in order to appeal to younger customers. Dunkin' will add mobile ordering lanes and test out a "less is more" approach with their menus. The company said that they will start with specific stores and see how customers respond. If it goes well, they will make all of the changes in their locations nationwide. However, the name change will be implemented immediately.

As of September 2018, the company's stock price had increased by more than 14% from 2017. They are hoping that the changes in the chain will result in the increase in sales and customer satisfaction.

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