Duggar Sisters Open Up About Their Troubled Brother, Say THIS About Forgiveness

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March 09, 2016Mar 09, 2016

Josh Duggar has spent the last 6 months at a rehabilitation center, seeking recovery and healing for his horribly troubling actions against his wife and entire family.

The rest of the Duggar family has spent the past months wrestling with the aftermath of Josh’s scandals as well.  According to People, the Duggar family has begun to put the past behind them, rebuild the family’s public image and also repair the relationship with their troubled brother.

“I definitely have forgiven Josh,” Jessa (Duggar) Seewald said. “It is a process, though, that you have to work through in your heart and trust is not quickly rebuilt. It is something that takes a while. We love him very much, though, and we are very hopeful for the future.”

“I have forgiven him and I feel that” Joy Duggar said. “But the trust is not there.”

Josh has been faithful in his rehabilitation effort and despite being “forgiven,” he will have to continue to have to work hard and faithfully towards reconciliation and trust with his family.