Duggar Family Breaks Silence After Josh’s Guilty Verdict

Josh Duggar has been found guilty on two charges of receiving and possessing child pornography, and the rest of the Duggar family are finally breaking their silence on Josh’s trial. 

Family members are open to discussing the trial

Derek Dillard and his wife Jill (Duggar) Dillard, Josh’s younger sister, attended parts of the trial, and Dillard was at the courthouse when the verdict was read. Explaining to reporters why he and his wife had attended the trial, Dillard said, “We just wanted to, among other things, see the facts for ourselves…America is the best country to get justice.” He also said a formal statement would be released at a later time. 

Dillard also took to Twitter for a public comment. After jury deliberation began, he tweeted “Praying for justice this morning.” Jill’s cousin Amy Duggar King responded, “Praying as well. Lord may justice be served ice cold.” That same day, King tweeted, “JUSTICE FOR THE CHILDREN.” 

Josh’s Crimes

Josh, who was a star on the TLC reality series 19 Kids and CountingAlong with his family, he was arrested earlier this month for multiple counts in possession of child pornography. He was accused in downloading the files to his computer at work, which was a used car lot in Arkansas. 

Josh was previously accused of molestation of several girls as a teenager. Two of those girls were his sisters Jill & Jessa. It was reported that Josh had an account on a website for cheating spouses in 2015. Josh released a statement claiming that he was addicted pornography and that his wife Anna had been unfaithful. Josh could face up to 20 years imprisonment and up to $250,000 fines following the guilty verdict. He is expected to be sentenced within four months. 

Duggar Parents: ‘We Place Our Trust In God’

Josh’s parents Jim Bob and Michelle posted a statement to their website after the verdict, saying, “This entire ordeal has been very grievous. Today, God’s grace, through the love and prayers of so many, has sustained us. We are praying for anyone who has been affected by CSAM. [child sexual abuse material].”

“In the days ahead, we will do all we can to surround our daughter-in-law Anna and their children with love and support,” the statement continued. “As parents, we will never stop praying for Joshua, and loving him, as we do all of our children. In each of life’s circumstances, we place our trust in God. He is our refuge, strength, and refuge. Thank you for your prayers.”

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