Duck Dynasty’s’ Missy Robertson Asks for Prayer After She Loses Another Family Member

January 12, 2018Jan 12, 2018

Missy and Jase Robertson’s family has been going through some tough times lately with the loss of a loved one, and now they’re asking for prayer again after the death of another family member. Missy made the announcement on Facebook live Friday.

Missy is the daughter-in-law of “Duck Dynasty” patriarch Phil Robertson. She lost her grandfather to lymphoma right before Thanksgiving last year. He had a testimony of salvation.

Now on Friday, Missy said her son’s father-in-law had passed away. Dr. David Thompson died from pancreatic cancer.

Thompson is the father of Brighton Robertson, the wife of Missy and Jase’s son Reed. Reed and Brighton got married in October 2016.

“He battled [pancreatic cancer] for over a year,” Missy informed her Facebook audience. “He’s one of the strongest men that I’ve ever met. One of the hardest working men. One of the most giving men. He worked and served his patients...up until his last breath….”

“Please pray for Brighton,” the “Duck Dynasty” star asked. “[Her dad] passed away early this morning. So please pray for Brighton and all of her brothers and sisters.”


After recounting the recent deaths of two other friends, Missy said, “It makes you really understand what a gift life is. It makes you refocus when you have something like that around you. That every day is a gift. And that you should use every day to glorify God. He’s the one who gave it to us.”

She gave advice to her fans, asking them to “refocus your own life. Think about what your purpose is here, to glorify God in everything that you do. We fail. We fail in that. But I’m hoping that all of this that’s surrounding us, this terrible pain that everyone is going through here, we’ll be renewed one day whenever we all meet each other again in heaven.”

“Take the pain in your life and turn it to good,” she concluded. “Love you all. Thank you for your prayers.”

Watch her full video message below:

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