Duck Dynasty Stars Explain Their Endorsements Of Trump And Cruz

January 27, 2016Jan 27, 2016

Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson and his CEO son, Willie, recently sat down with Sean Hannity and explained their endorsements.  Phil Robertson endorsed Ted Cruz and less than a week later Willie offered his endorsement to Donald Trump.

Hannity asked the two Robertson’s about their differing choices of candidates.

“The writer of our Constitution, James Madison, said ‘this Constitution was written for a moral and religious people.  It’s wholly inadequate for any other.’  So I just looked at Cruz, he stood out in my mind as being a moral and religious man.  I thought to myself, good enough for me!  It’s about that simple on my part,” Phil explained.  As for Willie, “He’s a grown man.  He can vote for who he wants to,” Phil said.

Hannity then asked Willie, “why Trump?”

“I honestly think our system is broken,” Willie said, “and I think a lot of the politicians are just more of the same and I want somebody in there who can shake it up, who can change it up, who are not after the money, and are after people telling them what to say.  I like a man who puts his money where his mouth is and pays for his own thing and is not in debt to anybody.”