Duck Dynasty Star Shaves Beard, Fans Shocked at the Result

September 05, 2017Sep 05, 2017

In June, members of the Duck Dynasty family announced that Jase Robertson would possibly be cutting his hair and shaving his beard. This was shocking to fans since the Duck Dynasty men are very well-known for their long hair and beards.

Jase made the major appearance change to raise money for their daughter’s charity. Mia, Jase’s daughter, was born with cleft palate and she had to undergo multiple expensive surgeries at a very young age. Jase and his wife Missy started the charity to help alleviate the financial stress that families with similar situations have to go through. 

In order for Jase to shave his beard and cut his hair, they needed to raise $100,000 in charitable donations. On Labor Day, Jase shared with fans that the “hair removal” process began, meaning that they reached their goal of $100,000. 

The family later revealed what Jase looked like with his new haircut. He looks like a completely different person! Check out the video and photos below.

What do you think about Jase Robertson’s new look and efforts for charitable funding? Share your thoughts in our Facebook comments. In other celebrity news, a music star was hospitalized over the weekend after having multiple seizures.

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