More Dramatic News Emerges in Tragic Duck Boat Accident Claiming 17 Lives

July 31, 2018Jul 31, 2018

On Friday, July 19, a horrible accident took place in Branson, Missouri. Several tourists were on a duck boat that was overturned by swift winds. Tragically, 17 people lost their lives in the accident. 

The news of the accident sent a wave of grief throughout the country. Many people were especially saddened for one family who lost nine family members in the accident.

After the news emerged and some survivors held interviews, one revealed some troubling news. She said that the captain of the boat told the passengers that there was no need for life jackets. Unfortunately, they did not know they would need quick access to them until it was too late. 

Additionally, other saddening information emerged about the boat company as well. According to CNN, the National Transportation Safety Board recommended that all duck boat canopies be removed in 2002. However, the Branson operators ignored that recommendation.

Now, Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley has revealed that he has opened a criminal investigation into the accident. The investigation will fall under the Missouri Merchandising Practices Act. 

Spokeswoman Mary Compton said, "We are working with investigators to determine the facts and whether any criminal charges are appropriate."

The announcement was made days after the duck boat operator was sued for $100 million under a wrongful death claim by the family that lost nine members. The issue was over the canopy that trapped the passengers under water when the boat began to sink. 

Please continue praying for the families of the victims of this horrible accident. We will continue to keep you updated as more unfolds in this story. Meanwhile, share your prayers here! In other recent news, a cartoonist is under fire for how he portrayed Sarah Sanders in his drawing.