Duchess Kate's Royal Title Will Change Soon, Here's What the World Will Call Her

July 07, 2018Jul 07, 2018

Kate Middleton has been an official member of the Royal family since she married Prince William in 2011. Their titles — the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge — are a staple in their country, as well as well-known across the globe.

Royal titles are a significant piece of British royalty serving as a way of identification and rank. According to InStyle, the Royals’ titles sometimes change when traveling to another country.

For example, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge become the Earl and Countess of Strathearn when visiting Scotland. And when they visit Ireland, they transition to the Baron and Baroness Carrickfergus.

However, Duchess Kate’s official Royal title will permanently change in upcoming days. When Prince Charles of Wales — the eldest son of Queen Elizabeth II — becomes king, both Prince William and Duchess Kate will likely receive new titles.

Prince William will acquire the title of his father, Prince William of Wales, reported AOL. Additionally, Duchess Kate would acquire the title of the late Princess Diana (Prince William’s mother and Prince Charles’ former spouse) making her known as Princess Kate of Wales.

AOL did note that Kate has the option to refuse the title change. Prince Charles’ current wife, Camilla, goes by the Duchess of Cornwall instead of the Princess of Wales.

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