Iconic Woman, Known Specifically for Her Face, Dies at the Age of 40

April 24, 2019Apr 24, 2019

A young woman has died who was known around the globe. Jacquie Saburido took her final breath at the age of 40.

"Jacqui Saburido — a woman who became the haunting, memorable face of several anti-drunk driving campaigns after she suffered life-changing injuries in a 1999 DUI crash in Texas — died Saturday in Guatemala, her family said. She was 40," wrote Fox.

Saburido reportedly had been battling cancer. She moved to Guatemala City recently to receive better medical treatment.

She is most famous for her work in advocating against drunk driving. Her mission in life was to raise awareness from how drunk driving impacted her own life.

"Saburido became an advocate against drunken driving years after she suffered severe burns all over her body and numerous health issues following the 1999 crash near Austin. Saburido, who was 20 at the time, and three friends were together in a vehicle when Reggie Stephey’s SUV plowed into the car. The vehicle caught fire with Saburido trapped in the front passenger seat. Her body was covered in flames for almost a minute before paramedics were able to extinguish the blaze and pull Saburido out," wrote Fox.

The driver was charged and found guilty in 2001. He was sentence to seven years in prison. Meanwhile, Saburido endured 120 surgeries to save her life.

“Even if it means sitting here in front of a camera with no ears, no nose, no eyebrows, no hair, I’ll do this a thousand times if it will help someone make a wise decision," Saburido said during one of her press availabilities.

Our prayers go out to her family at this time. Please also send your prayers to end drunk driving once and for all.

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