Drought and Wildfires are Driving These Dangerous Animals Toward Homes

May 17, 2017May 17, 2017

In Florida, due to extensive wildfires and severe drought, residents have witnessed coyote sightings, even attacks, in their neighborhoods. The situation could only get worse.

Station WFTS of Tampa Bay reported on the problem on Wednesday. According to reports, two dogs have been attacked, and one of them killed in Hernando County. More sightings have occurred in residential areas.  

The reason, experts say, is that the coyotes are starving. The wildfires and droughts have deprived the animals from food sources normally found in native habitats. The result is that the packs have become more aggressive in approaching domesticated pets.

In one instance, a 100-pound pit bull named Tank was out on a walk with another pit named Bubbles when the pair was attacked by an aggressive pack of coyotes.

According to Bonnie, Hester, Tank’s owner, the coyotes began to drag Tank down, simultaneously running into the woods with Bubbles.

“I’ve never seen anything like it in my life,” said Hester. “I just kept screaming and screaming and running towards them and that’s when it all broke up.”

“They’ve just taken over,” said local trapper Dennis Towns, reasoning it’s because that the coyotes have been displaced, as well as their food supply. “They feed on rabbits, chicks, eggs, and smaller animals, and when these fires go through it, it wipes all that out, so it just forces them into other areas,” he said.

Towns himself is not optimistic about containing them. “They’re like mosquitos. You do what you can, but you’re always going to have them,” he said.

For Tank and Bubbles, the reality of the coyotes’ presence in their neighborhood painted a tale far too grim… STORY CONTINUES ON NEXT PAGE

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