Drew Barrymore ‘Throwing Dirt’ On Ellen DeGeneres?

It is Drew BarrymoreDirectly attacking Ellen DeGeneres? One report states the Babes in Toyland star wants to be the queen of daytime talk and isn’t afraid to play dirty. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Drew Gets Her Jollies At Ellen’s Expense;

According to the National Enquirer, Barrymore is throwing dirt on DeGeneres’ grave. She’s relishing the “chance to kick her while she’s down,” an insider says. Barrymore recently welcomed Dakota Johnson into the household. Drew Barrymore Show. Johnson famously had a very awkward interview with DeGeneres because DeGeneres flaked on Johnson’s birthday.

The DeGeneres interview came up during Barrymore’s interview. Barrymore said of Johnson’s cool but cutting response, “That was amazing, by the way. Like, amazing!” Insiders say DeGeneres is furious with Barrymore over the potshot, but it was all payback for Barrymore. “Drew’s been taking it on the chin from Ellen for years,” an insider says.

The two have had beef ever since DeGeneres called a pregnant Barrymore “fat” at the 2014 People’s Choice Awards, the outlet reveals. Barrymore didn’t forget the insult, and he never forgave her. An insider concludes, “Now Drew’s getting the last laugh!”

Drew Barrymore and Ellen DeGeneres in a Fight?

Drew Barrymore wasn’t attacking Degeneres when Johnson came on the show; she was just being a good host. The Social Network star mentioned not getting invited to neighbor’s party’s, so Barrymore quipped, “Is this for real? People have gotten into trouble for claiming not being invited to your parties.” Johnson loved the joke, and the interview went on. 


It was a callback to a famous public incident that did haunt DeGeneres, but that doesn’t constitute “throwing dirt.” If Barrymore wanted to ruin DeGeneres’ reputation then she would have at MinimumShe pronounced her name loudly. Barrymore was much more interested in praising Johnson that slamming DeGeneres. This story is just unfair.

Other Tall Tales

If you have any questions, please contact us. EnquireIf it was to be believed, then this interview wouldn’t have happened. In April, it promised Barrymore was getting replaced due to exhaustion, yet she’s still on television. It also stated that Winona Ryder was banned from the talk show for her affair with Tom Green. There’s no connection or rivalry between Ryder and Barrymore, so that was false as well.

Barrymore also never had a third baby as this tabloid promised, and she didn’t knock The TalkOff the air. With a track record this bad, it’s safe to say this outlet has no insight into Barrymore’s life.