Drake’s Alma Mater ‘Degrassi’ To Return in HBO Max Revival 

Drake’s Alma Mater ‘Degrassi’ To Return in HBO Max Revival

Degrassi is “going there” again in an all-new series.

The Canadian teen drama which propelled a 15 year-old girl to the top Aubrey Grahm’s (A.KA. Drake) entertainment career will be hitting airwaves yet again. Degrassi According to reports, the show will be back on HBO Max in 2023. Warner Kids & Media now possesses the U.S. rights to the show, along with the 14 seasons of Degrassi: The Next Generation.

WildBrain media company holds the rights to the entire franchise. WildBrain will produce the show. Eric EllenbogenAccording to the CEO of the company, he stated:

“WildBrain continues to artfully capture high school life in a compelling format that can be experienced seamlessly on HBO Max,”

He continued:

“I’m delighted that our first-ever commission from HBO Max is for Degrassi, a truly venerable franchise with a highly devoted and passionate audience,”

He also added:

“This is yet another evergreen property from our vast IP library that we are reviving with a fresh vision and creative-first approach.”

The upcoming installments will be just like the past installments. Degrassi You will follow a new generation of kids as they navigate Degrassi Community School’s halls in a one hour slot.

Original Degrassi Debuted as The Kids of Degrassi Street 1980. Seven years later, Degrassi Junior High  Degrassi High They made it to the United States and aired on the PBS network.

The franchise was relaunched in 2001 under the title Degrassi: The Next Generation. It aired on Canada’s CTV and The N (Noggin’s teen block) in the United States. It was a popular series that covered topics such as teen pregnancy and sexual assault, mental illness, gender orientation, school shootings, and domestic violence.

One of the most notable episodes was “Accidents Will Happen” a two-part show about an eighth-grade student falling pregnant and later aborting her unborn child. The episode was so controversial that it didn’t air in the United States.

DrakeAs a member of the original, he got his first big break Next Generation cast. He starred in Jimmy BrooksA bright basketball player, who would later become the victim of a school shooting that left him paralyzed. DrakeHe played the role until 2008, when his music career started to take off.

It is not clear if any of these cast members will reprise their roles.

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