Dr. Ted Noel: 'Something Is Rotten In Denmark' With Hillary's Health Report

September 20, 2016Sep 20, 2016

Dr. Ted Noel has gotten attention recently after giving a detailed analysis of Hillary Clinton's observable health issues and concluding that he's convinced she has a neurological disease, most likely Parkinson's. His key video on the subject has raked in over 4 million hits on YouTube.

In an attempt to pacify the public about her health crisis outside the 9/11 memorial, Hillary had her personal physician release a letter (PDF) detailing her vitals and proclaiming that the Democratic presidential nominee is in good health.

Dr. Noel, though, refutes the "good health" claim, saying the letter's list of vitals actually raises four colossal red flags that nobody is talking about. He details them below:

If you haven't yet, watch Dr. Noel's riveting explanation of why he believes Hillary is suffering from Parkinson's Disease: