Dr. Robert Jeffress Praises Trump for What He Just Did for Harvey Victims

September 01, 2017Sep 01, 2017

One week ago, Hurricane Harvey made landfall. Since then, thousands of homes have been destroyed and thousands of people have been displaced. In the midst of the storm, however, there is hope. This devastation has brought the country together.

On Friday morning, President Trump announced something that will bring even more unity. He designated a national "day of prayer" to take place on Sunday. 


Texas Governor Greg Abbott had previously announced that Sunday would be a statewide day of prayer. President Trump has now asked that every state would join in on the faith movement.


In their faith-based meeting in the White House on Friday morning, Dr. Robert Jeffress of First Baptist Church in Dallas led in prayer. He said that he is grateful for a president who "believes in the power of prayer."


Dr. Jeffress prayed that the country would experience "spiritual healing," as it has been "bitterly divided for decades upon decades." He then thanked God for having leadership who believed in prayer.

He said, "Now you have given us a gift. President Donald Trump, who wants to bring healing to this country and he is bringing healing to this country."

Will you join in on Sunday for the national day of prayer? As a country, let's come together with a unified voice to pray for the victims of the storm. In other breaking news, a Hollywood actor who was a longtime friend of Trump just died after a long illness. 

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