'Dr. Phil Show' Denies Allegations of Providing Drugs, Alcohol to Addict Guests

December 28, 2017Dec 28, 2017

It has been reported by Fox News that Dr. Phil and his show staff have been hit with some very serious allegations. According to sources, Dr. Phil and his staff are being accused of procuring drugs and tempting guests with alcohol ahead of show tapes that focused on addiction. These allegations are coming under serious scrutiny, however, and have been vehemently denied.

According to a report released on Thursday, several guests and have accused the famous TV doctor's staff of tempting them with drugs and alcohol. Dr. Phil, whose real name is Phil McGraw, declined to comment about the allegations. 

According to the Boston Globe, guests who were battling alcoholism would find alcohol in their dressing rooms. Then, when they would be on the air, they would be intoxicated while talking about their battle with addiction. 

Fox News writes that Todd Herzog appeared on the "Dr. Phil Shows" in 2013. During this time, he was struggling severely with alcoholism but insists that he wasn't intoxicated when he arrived at the show's studio. In fact, he claims that he didn't become intoxicated until he was tempted by Dr. Phil's staff. 

Herzog, who won "Survivor" in 2007, claimed that he found some vodka in his dressing room, where he was left alone, and then preceded to drink it. He claims that he was offered some Xanax in order to "calm his nerves" before he went on air.

The offer allegedly came from a show staff member. Then, when he went on air, he slurred his words and was visibly intoxicated.

Martin Greenberg, the psychologist and director of professional affairs for the "Dr. Phil Show," denied the allegations, claiming that reports were "absolutely, unequivocally untrue." 

"I had been drinking and took a Xanax, which I've never taken Xanax before in my life, and I know that can be a deadly combination so why it was given to me, I don't know," Herzog said, according to Fox News.

Furthermore, the mother of 28-year-old Kaitlyn from Lansing, Michigan claims that a staff for Dr. Phil helped Kaitlin, who was at the time pregnant, find heroin ahead of her 2016 show taping. It is alleged that when Kaitlin and her mother arrived in Los Angeles, Kaitlin was going through withdrawals.

Kaitlin went on an excursion to purchase heroin on Skid Row aired on "Dr. Phil." McGraw later scolded the show for taking her daughter to buy drugs instead of having her go and stay at the hospital. 

"There was a lot of manipulation telling us what to say, telling us how to act, telling us what to do," the mother explained. "I was told do not question anything he is saying or he could not give her the help she needed."

Another guest on the show, Jordan, who appeared in 2012, claims that a show producer told her to go to Skid Row, where she could buy heroin. Jordan's aunt Marianne Smith claims that going on the show didn't help at all. 

Greenberg, the psychologist and director of professional affairs for the show, remarks that any guest who has appeared ont he show intoxicated have done so through their own doing. 

He also remarked that addicts are notorious for lying, deflecting, and trivializing." 

"Addicts are notorious for lying, deflecting and trivializing. But, if they are at risk when they arrive, then they were at risk before they arrived," Greenberg stated, according to Fox News. "The only change is they are one step closer to getting help, typically help they could not have even come close to affording."

What do you think about this? Do you think these allegations are true? Let us know what you think. In breaking news, 4 explosions were just reported in a brutal ISIS attack. At least 41 were reported dead.

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