Dr. James Dobson Asks for Everyone's Urgent Prayers

October 05, 2018Oct 05, 2018

Last week, the nation watched as Judge Brett Kavanaugh and Dr. Christine Blasey Ford each testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee in an emotional hearing. The hearing was regarding Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination and Dr. Ford’s allegations against Kavanaugh of sexual assault when the two were in high school 36 years ago.

Throughout the process, the nation has been divided. Some have stood with Dr. Ford, emphasizing the need to “believe women” when they come forward with any stories of assault. They have also said that someone with such extreme allegations against them should not be selected for the highest court. Others, however, have stood on Kavanaugh’s side, noting that there has been no proof with these accusations and that the last 30 years of his life have proven nothing but a solid character.

This week, the Senate will officially vote on Kavanaugh’s nomination, following the FBI’s seventh investigation where no new information was discovered.

Now, Dr. James Dobson, a well-respected Christian and the founder of Focus on the Family, has spoken out about the situation. This week, he asked that everyone pray for Kavanaugh and his entire family.

He wrote, “Shirley and I have been praying urgently for weeks about the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh, and for his wife Ashley and their precious daughters. I’m sure millions of other Christians are doing the same. We’re asking the Lord during the day and into the night to defeat the schemes of those who clearly want to destroy this great nation.”

He continued, “I’m not accusing Dr. Ford of anything. She might remember the ghosts of her past, though the facts appear to contradict her description of them. But something else is going on here.”

“At its core, this isn’t just another political conflict. Swirling around us is a life and death struggle for the soul of America. It is a profound spiritual battle that touches something deep within me. We are left with an agonized prayer: ‘God, please help us,’” he concluded.

Later, Dr. Dobson asked that the nation joins him in praying for the Kavanaugh family. He said that Ashley Kavanaugh requested that everyone pray Psalm 40 over her family.

What do you think about Dr. Dobson’s words? Do you agree? Will you be watching as Senate heads into their vote? Let us know. In other recent news, retired Justice John Paul Stevens just changed his tone about Kavanaugh in a new shocking statement.