Dr. Dobson's SCARY Prediction On Hillary As President

September 23, 2016Sep 23, 2016

As many have said, this election may be one of the most important in American history. You have two very different candidates with two very different plans. And Dr. Dobson believes that if we choose Clinton, our country may never recover. At a recent meeting of Evangelical voters, Dobson boldly supported Trump while also painting a scary picture if Clinton is elected.


"I lose sleep thinking about having Hillary Clinton pack that court with people from the far Left, and what that would mean for the institution of the family," Dobson said, reports the Christian Post. "How can somebody who loves children support partial-birth abortion?" he asked, as the audience cheered in agreement. "57 million babies have been murdered and she has supported the whole institution of abortion from beginning to end," continued the former head of Focus on the Family.

Dobson mentioned how someone else had predicted it would take 40 years to recover from Hillary's time in office: "And I disagree with that, we won't ever recover from it!" he said passionately, "we will go down in flames, maybe literally, if we put the wrong person in power." Dobson reiterated, "Understand, this is a time when our whole country hangs in the balance. And I am convinced that we will never come back from a bad decision here."

Dobson encouraged the voters to look past Trump's imperfections.  "Donald Trump is not a perfect man. There aren't any perfect people. There aren't any. If you're waiting for a perfect candidate, you're not going to have anybody to vote for," he said.

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