Dr. Ben Carson Has This to Say About NFL Players Kneeling

September 25, 2017Sep 25, 2017

Dr. Ben Carson, former presidential candidate and current Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, took to social media on Sunday to share his stance on the recent controversial topic of NFL players kneeling during the national anthem. A topic many have weighed in on. 

Carson shared in a Facebook post the reason he feels is behind playing the national anthem at the football games. “One of the reasons we play the national anthem before the game is to remind us that even though we're rooting for different sports teams, we are united as a country,” Carson wrote. 

He went on to say, “Of course we all have the right to express ourselves, but as the Bible says, there is a time and place for everything.”

“I think many athletes actually think they are making things better. We would encourage them and all Americans to utilize their influence to truly draw people together and not be manipulated into doing the opposite under the guise of unity,” he concluded. 

Since his Facebook post on Sunday, his comments have gone viral and has almost 150,000 likes. Many followers have agreed with Carson and appreciate his take on the matter. 



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