Dozens Killed In France; Described As 'An Attack'

July 14, 2016Jul 14, 2016

UPDATED AT 6:25 P.M. EASTERN — A video too gruesome to post here shows numerous dead bodies and horrific injuries stretched out along more than 100 feet of roadway.

A national holiday celebration in France turned into a nightmare after a semi-truck plowed into a crowd of Bastille Day revelers.


According to The Washington Times, dozens of people have been killed in the city of Nice in what the region's police chief is calling "an attack.' Other officials have not confirmed that.

Numerous videos posted on social media show crowds of people running for their lives. There were reports of gunshots heard as well, and a photo shows the truck's windshield riddled with bullet holes.


A witness described the chaotic scene to NBC News, saying there was a "white truck literally racing through crowds of all ages. People either caught in path or forced to jump onto rocks over beach barrier. Some dead. horrific."

According to the UK Express, another witness said "Dead bodies everywhere. People killed in front of my eyes. Had to be planned." 

No one has yet claimed responsibility. Numerous media outlets have suggested terrorism as a possibility, especially after 130 people were killed during an ISIS attack in Paris last year.