Downing Street Statement due at 1.30pm following crisis talks

This lunchtime, the prime minister and Sir Graham Brady (Chairman of the 1922 Committee of Conservative backbenchers) held a crisis meeting at Downing Street.

It was announced that Downing Street would now make a statement at 1.30pm in light of the meeting.

The meeting between the prime minister and Mr Brady, the shop steward of Conservative MPs, was apparently organised by Downing Street so in Number 10’s words, to ‘take the temperature’ of the party’.

The talks continue as the deputy prime Minister, Therese coffee, and Sir Jake Berry, Chair of the Conservative Party have joined the discussions.


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This allied appears to be significant due to the continued length of the meeting.

It is widely believed that many MPs have written letters to Mr Brady asking for a challenge in leadership to Liz Truss.

Should these numbers of letters surpass a particular number (potentially 100-150), it is thought that Sir Graham and the Executive of the 1922 would be prepared to change the party’s rules so to permit a leadership challenge.

The sudden appearance by Sir Jake to join the current meeting may have been significant, given that any change in the rules surrounding Liz Truss’s challenge will require the approval of Conservative Party board.

In the last 24 hours, the number of Conservative MPs calling for Liz Truss’s resignation has risen from 6 – 15 to 15, with those who do so privately, which is likely to be much higher.