Double Suicide Bombing Kills 12, Wounds 48

January 17, 2018Jan 17, 2018

A tragic attack has just rocked residents of a northern city in Nigeria. According to reports, two separate suicide blasts were detonated in Maiduguri, Nigeria on Wednesday.

The double suicide bombing has claimed the lives of at least 12 people already. Other reports stated that 48 people were wounded. The death toll and wounded count could rise as responders comb through the devastation.

The attack happened at a local market. According to officials, a female terrorist detonated herself on one side of the market and her male accomplice blew up the other side. Signs point to the terror group Boko Haram being behind the event.

"Ibrahim Usman, a trader in Muna Garage market, says the attack happened Wednesday afternoon. He says the first bomber attacked inside the market while the other remained outside, killing only himself," according to the Associated Press.

We will try and bring you more information about this horrific incident as it becomes available. Please join us in praying for all of those who were affected by this tragedy. May God's peace comfort them as they mourn.

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