Fans Still Mourning Loss of America's Sweetheart, Look Back At Her Shining Moments

May 15, 2019May 15, 2019

The sad news was reported earlier this week that Doris Day, the beloved actress and singer, has passed away. The Hollywood star was 97 years old at the time of her death. 

Day was born in 1922 in Cincinnati, Ohio. She started off her career as a dancer, but after she injured her leg in a car accident, she took to singing. She became the lead singer in several different big bands before finally going solo in 1947.

During the 1950s, the singer turned to acting and starred in several popular film musicals, including “Calamity Jane” and “The Pajama Game.” Her background in ballet, tap dance, and singing proved to be valuable for the acting scene, and her fame skyrocketed. She even had a T.V. sitcom named after her from 1968-1973, called the “Doris Day Show.”

In honor of her memory, we have chosen some of our favorite photos of Doris throughout her time in the film industry:

After a successful career in acting, Day announced her retirement in 1975. Since then, she was a consistent animal welfare advocate.

Doris Day, along with other founding members, established the Actors and Others for Animals association, focusing on bringing awareness to the unfair treatment of animals. On her own, she rescued and fostered many animals, eventually leading to the establishment of the non-profit rescue organization, the Doris Day Pet Foundation.

When she determined to do even more for animal awareness, Day formed the Doris Day Animal League and the Doris Day Animal Foundation. Both non-profits helped give legislation to her cause and helped fund other organization with similar missions.

While Day’s romantic relationships never panned out, she had a great relationship with her only son, Terry. In 2004, Terry passed away after a long battle with skin cancer. His son now is involved with some of Doris’ philanthropic initiatives.

Fans around the world have poured in tributes for Doris Day after the news of her death was released. 

Please keep Doris' loved ones in your prayers. Which photo of Doris is your favorite? Let us know your thoughts. In other recent news, a major car recall was just issued after cars began rolling away, causing injury and property damage.

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