Donut Chain Worker Says, 'I Don't Serve Cops.'

August 03, 2017Aug 03, 2017

The Detectives’ Endowment Association is advocating a boycott of Dunkin' Donuts after one of their workers refused to serve a pair of NYPD officers, reports the New York Post

At a Brooklyn Dunkin’ Donuts, the clerk reportedly said, "I don't serve cops." 

The incident happened Thursday after noon, when the plainclothes officers entered the Dunkin' Donuts to purchase some Baskin-Robbins.

"After waiting in line behind a customer, the cops — who were wearing suit pants, shirts and ties, with their badges and pistols on their belts — approached the counter but were ignored by a clerk who instead asked a man standing behind them what he wanted," sources told the New York Post. 

The man gave the clerk his order, but he also told him that the officers were ahead of him in line. 

“Yeah, I know, but I don’t serve cops,” the clerk replied.

Now the Association's president, Michael Palladino, is saying that detectives and their families should boycott the chain until they get an apology for blatant discrimination, which he called “disgraceful and it should not go unattended.”

“I assume it is an isolated incident," said Palladino. "Nevertheless, Dunkin’ Donuts corporate should issue an apology to the NYPD and until that happens, I have asked detectives and their families to refrain from patronizing the stores." 

Palladino appears to blame Mayor Bill de Blasio and other city officials for the discrimination. The reason is their emphasis on cop violence. 

He said, “Political leaders in this city have encouraged this type of behavior by constantly demonizing cops and pushing their decriminalization agenda." 

He's also calling for leaders to speak out against the issue.

“It’s time for the same politicians to step up, take some responsibility and condemn what occurred.”

The manager of the store is disputing that account. He claims that the cops simply stood at the wrong counter—the counter where you pick up your order—and that's why they weren't served. 

The manager also said the store is already getting calls from people who would like to know why they didn't serve the police officers.  

“And I kept trying to explain that we serve everyone, we have nothing but respect for the police, and that they were standing at the wrong counter. It was busy at the time, and we were busy serving customers,” claimed the manager. 

A spokesperson for corporate parent Dunkin’ Brands did not return a request for comment.

Do you think the Dunkin Donuts employee deliberately refused to serve the police officers, or do you think it was simply a misunderstanding? 

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