“Don’t Fall for” GOP Lies About Mail-In Ballot Counting

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-New York) cautioned Twitter followers on Tuesday to not belief in lies that the Republicans Occasion will doubtless amplify on election evening that election outcomes aren’t legitimate until they’re referred to as the identical day — part of their technique to assault mail-in voting and throw doubt into the election course of.

“Many states don’t enable mail-in ballots to be counted earlier than Election Day,” Ocasio-Cortez said. “However many races can’t be referred to as till mail-ins are counted, which may take over 24 [hours]. That is regular, however some GOP are laying floor to say any race not referred to as tonight is suspicious. Don’t fall for it.”

It’s, certainly, regular for poll counting to take a number of days after the election, although some races are referred to as the evening of due to decisive margins. As a result of mail-in ballots could be postmarked on Election Day and nonetheless be legitimate, it takes a number of days for all the votes to even be out there for election officers to rely.

Quite a lot of different components — late closing occasions for polls on the West Coast, a rise in mail-in voting, and lots of notably shut races — imply that this election shall be no totally different in that many races must be referred to as later this week. In 2020, eight states didn’t name outcomes of elections till after election evening; a number of states, together with essential swing states, took every week or extra.

Republicans are ignoring this actuality, nevertheless, as a substitute taking the chance — as they’ve with virtually each different side of the election course of — to assault voting and erode public belief in elections.

In latest weeks, Republicans have already been saying that, if vote counting takes a number of days, then that signifies that election officers are getting the “repair in” on the election, as Pennsylvania Republican gubernatorial candidate Doug Mastriano baselessly said in October. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) additionally added to the lie, saying, “Why is it solely Democrat blue cities that take ‘days’ to rely their votes? The remainder of the nation manages to get it performed on election evening.”

Each of those statements are plainly false, and these politicians doubtless know that. There was zero proof of elections being “fastened” within the U.S. — if something, Republicans are those that are working towards rigging all future elections to make sure the celebration by no means loses once more.

Cruz’s remark, in the meantime, is supposed as an assault on Democratic votes and isn’t true in any sense; even apart from the purpose that enormous cities, which lean Democratic, have much more votes to rely than less-populated Republican-leaning areas, many Republican counties additionally take days to rely votes.

If election officers stopped counting ballots after Election Day, as Republicans appear to be suggesting, it could go away many votes uncounted, doubtless notably affecting mail-in votes. In accordance to the United States Election Project, about 25 million folks have returned mail-in ballots as of Tuesday, with a complete of over 58 million mail-in ballots requested throughout the nation. If even a fraction of the mail-in ballots which were returned or shall be postmarked on Election Day arrive later this week, that will quantity to hundreds of thousands of ballots that wouldn’t be counted in any respect.

On the flip facet, if election officers merely referred to as elections on election evening whereas disregarding different votes which will are available in, it might give Republicans an undue benefit. In 2020, as an illustration, early vote counts created a notion that Republicans have been forward — a phenomenon that political commentators dubbed a “crimson mirage” adopted by a “blue shift.”

This might occur in Pennsylvania, as an illustration. Democratic-leaning Philadelphia sometimes takes a long time to rely votes, and that course of shall be even further delayed this yr because the GOP has labored to query the validity of 1000’s of votes in courtroom. Different states like Georgia, Wisconsin and Michigan may also see a “red mirage,” with many Democratic votes coming from mail-in ballots or massive cities.

What Republicans are doubtless actually attempting to do with feedback in regards to the size of poll counting is about the stage for Republican candidates to reject the outcomes of the election in the event that they lose, as many Republicans have already threatened to do. In the event that they lose, such candidates might level to statements like Cruz’s to say that the election was rigged in opposition to them — a blatant lie.

It’s unclear what the power-grabbing technique of rejecting official election outcomes will result in, however political students and insiders have warned that right-wing militants are planning extra attacks like the January 6, 2021, assault on the Capitol. Congressional Republicans have, in any case, spent the final two years defending the assault and rejecting makes an attempt to stop future comparable tried coups.