President Donald Trump Gives His Thoughts on The Queen Hours Ahead of Their First Meeting

July 13, 2018Jul 13, 2018

On Friday, July 13th the Queen of England — Queen Elizabeth II — is set to meet President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania for the first time. This meeting is one of many scheduled events during Trump and Melania’s European trip among the NATO summit and a palace dinner with Prime Minister Theresa May.

As previously reported, the Queen has a jam-packed agenda for Trump’s visit. The Queen and her U.S guests will kick off the day with a military parade showcasing the U.S. national anthem followed by a tea inside of Windsor Castle.

Just hours ahead of their meeting, the President offered his thoughts about the Queen — and they were nothing but positive.

According to CNN, Trump revealed, "She is a tremendous woman. I really look forward to meeting her. I think she represents her country so well."

"If you think of it, for so many years she has represented her country, she has really never made a mistake,” he added. “You don't see, like, anything embarrassing. She is just an incredible woman."

Donald Trump marks the 12th U.S. president that Queen Elizabeth II has met during her 66-year reign. Previously, she has met former presidents Barack Obama, George W. Bush, and Ronald Reagan among others.

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