Donald Trump Offers THIS Common Sense Plan For Syrian Refugees

February 09, 2016Feb 09, 2016

At a town hall event in Greenwich, Connecticut on Monday, Republican frontrunner Donald Trump stood by his call to put a halt to the flow of Syrian refugees coming into this country.

According to CNN, Trump proposed keeping all of the Syrian refugees within Syria’s borders.  “You look at it and you say we have enough problems.  I have a bigger heart than anybody in this room.  We take an area in Syria and we build a safe zone.”

Trump was asked by an attendee if he would bar Syrian children from entering the United States.  “I can look at their faces and say, ‘Look, you can’t come here,’” Trump said.  “Their parents should always stay with them.  But we don’t know where their parents come from.  We have no documentation whatsoever.  There’s absolutely no way of saying where these people come from.”

Do you think Trump’s solution is the right one?