Donald Trump: My Greatest Contribution To Christianity Will Be...

June 23, 2016Jun 23, 2016

At an event this week in New York with 900 Evangelical leaders, Trump promised to defend their religious liberty if he becomes President. Life Site News reports that in answer to the Christian leaders' concern over the growing animosity toward Christianity from Obama's administration, Trump said: “I think it is the number one question, and there are numerous things that we’re going to do about it. For one thing, we’re going to appoint great Supreme Court justices. And these will be Supreme Court justices that will be good intellects, that will be talented men in what they do, and women, but also be pro-life.”


Trump went on to say that he would be a huge champion for religious liberty, and that would be his greatest offering. “I think maybe it will be my greatest contribution to Christianity and other religions is to allow you to go have religious liberty, allow you to go and speak openly,” Trump promised. “And if you like somebody and you want somebody to represent you, you should have the right to do that."

His statements gave the leaders hope, as religious liberty is a number one concern for them right now. “The number one issue (among the tens of thousands submitted) was religious liberty, more than anything else,” said Dr. James Dobson, founder of Focus on the Family, "because all the other issues relate to that one.”

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