Why President Trump Met With Reince Priebus

December 21, 2017Dec 21, 2017

The Hill reports that Reince Priebus met with Donald Trump earlier this week to discuss the 2018 midterms. The two apparently met over lunch on Tuesday, during which time Trump pressed Priebus on the electoral landscape.

Although Priebus did not respond to the Washington Post for comment, the Post nevertheless remarks that during the meeting, President Trump asked about what to expect in the 2018 midterms. Priebus, writes the Post, claimed that he is concerned about the GOP's performance in recent elections, and seems to think that there might be a reason to worry in 2018.

The Hill writes that Democrats are very optimistic about the prospects of winning in 2018. Especially since the Republican majority is slim in the Senate, there is a good possibility that the Republicans will lose their majority in this body. 

Democratic candidate Doug Jones was declared the winner of the Alabama Senate race. Republican candidate Roy Moore, under media scrutiny after numerous accusations, came forward concerning his alleged history of sexual misconduct, lost by a small margin. Yet many suspect that Moore's success, despite not winning, might mean good things for the GOP.

According to Vice News, a backlash against Moore was able to propel suburban Republicans, including a newly energized Democratic base, to create an unlikely coalition that propelled Jones to victory. More Democrats came out to vote than in previous elections, causing Jones to win Democratic Birmingham county by more than 83,000 votes. Keep in mind that Jones' margin of victory was a mere 21,000 ballots. Black and women voters also voted overwhelmingly against Moore.

Vice points out that the write-in vote was another factor contributing to Moore's loss. More than 22,000 people statewide cast write-in ballots, including prominent Republican Senator Richard Shelby, who claimed that accusations against Moore were credible and disqualifying from political office.

Despite Moore losing the race, some media outlets are claiming that this isn't necessarily a victory for the Democratic Party. The Washington Post, for instance, published an article earlier this month titled "Roy Moore lost the battle, but he's winning the war." 

They correctly point out that for decades, there has been a war within the GOP between traditional conservatives and right-wing populists. Moore's ability to garner so many votes, accompanied by the recent victory of Donald Trump to the presidency, means that right-wing populists are now ascendant within the Republican Party.

As Bannon often puts it, "a populist-nationalist party realignment that can govern for the next 50 years" is making significant strides within the GOP.

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