Donald Trump Jr. Slams Hillary Clinton For What She Did at the Grammys

January 29, 2018Jan 29, 2018

On Sunday night, the Grammys couldn't keep out of politics. In a sketch, they brought in a variety of celebrities to read excerpts from Michael Wolff's "Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House," for fake auditions to read the audiobook version of the book.

One of those special guests didn't really belong among the singers. The show brought on former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton to read the book—and take a jab at President Trump.

Along with Cher, Snoop Dogg, Cardi B, John Legend, and DJ Khaled, Clinton joined Grammy host James Corden for the auditions.

Clinton's face was covered by the book when she first appeared on screen in the pre-taped sketch. When she lowered the book to reveal her face, the crowd cheered.

Clinton read the line about Trump's love for fast food: "He had a longtime fear of being poisoned. One reason why he liked to eat at McDonald's. No one knew he was coming and the food was safely pre-made."

The Grammys producers reportedly reached out to Clinton a couple of weeks ago. According to a person who was involved with the taping, the producers had a variety of things for her to read before deciding on the excerpt about McDonald's.

"The gag was originally only going to include two or three other people, but it grew over the time, the source said. Wolff had no immediate comment on the Grammys bit," reported CNN.

After the gag aired, President Trump's eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., clapped back. He tweeted about the skit, pointing out that Hillary is bitter because she lost the election.

"Getting to read a #fakenews book excerpt at the Grammys seems like a great consolation prize for losing the presidency. #GrammyAwards," wrote Trump.

US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley also responded to the tasteless sketch.

"I have always loved the Grammys but to have artists read the Fire and Fury book killed it," Haley tweeted. "Don't ruin great music with trash. Some of us love music without the politics thrown in it."

People criticize President Trump for not being "presidential" but can Hillary's relationship with celebrities be considered presidential? Most Conservatives would say no. 

In related news, celebrities apparently couldn't keep their politics out of the Grammys. President Trump just responded after Jay-Z slammed him. 

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