Donald Trump Jr. Blasts Liberal Actor: ‘His Racist Side Came Out’

July 13, 2017Jul 13, 2017

Shia LaBeouf, 31-year-old actor, was arrested in Georgia around 4:00 AM Saturday morning, July 8th of 2017. He was reportedly taken into custody after seen being extremely intoxicated in public. He was released on a $3,5000 bond later in the same morning.

Following the recent public intoxication incident, TMZ released multiple videos of the actor cursing out police officers. In the most recent video shared by IJR, LaBeouf tells an officer that he’s going to hell because ‘he’s a black man.’ He also accused the officer of arresting him ‘for being white’. Warning: The IJR link includes the full video of LaBeouf talking to cops at the police station, which contains a lot of profanity.

Donald Trump Jr. commented on the matter via social media. Trump shared the IJR article titled, 'Anti-Trump celeb Shia LaBeouf's Racist Side Comes out With Black Cop in New Police Video.' See the post below.

Other users on Twitter agreed with Donald Trump Jr.’s remark. Many others commented on the liberal actor being ‘racist’ and how disgraceful his drunken behavior was towards authorities.

LaBeouf was also arrested for alcohol-related incidents in the past including drunk driving back in 2008, drunken behavior in 2014, and public intoxication in 2015. In addition to his troubled pattern of alcohol-related incidents, LeBeouf was arrested earlier this year after assaulting someone at his anti-trump ‘He Will Not Divide Us’ exhibit in New York.

Since Donald Trump announced he was running for office, the actor has been very vocal about his negative opinions towards Trump. He started the ‘He Will Not Divide Us’ campaign, which was a live stream recording members of the public who were against President Trump saying the words, ‘he will not divide us.’

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