Donald Trump Blasts Meghan Markle For ‘Disrespecting’ Queen Elizabeth

Former US President Donald J. TrumpBlasted Meghan Markle in a recent interview with Britain’s Nigel Farage, accusing her of being “very disrespectful” to Queen Elizabeth. This interview is almost two years after Markle’s marriage to her husband. Prince HarryThe controversial decision was made to leave the working royals and return to her native California. Trump also responded to Markle’s use of her royal title in an open letter to Congress about paid parental leave. 

Donald Trump Laughs at Meghan Markle

In a new interview that aired earlier this month, Donald Trump didn’t hold back against Meghan Markle, accusing the Duchess of Sussex of a laundry list of infractions, including disrespect towards the queen, and saying her husband, Prince Harry, had been “used horribly” by the former actress. “I’m not a fan of hers. I wasn’t from day one,” Trump admitted to Nigel Farage, a far-right U.K. politician with whom Trump has often been compared. 

“I’m not a fan of hers at all, and I think she’s very disrespectful to the Queen,” the former president continued. “I think [Markle] is very disrespectful to the royal family, but maybe most importantly to the Queen,” Trump added, calling Queen Elizabeth “such a great woman, such a great person, a historic person.” That’s not the only member of the British Royal Family that Trump evidently believed had been wronged by Markle. 

Prince Harry “Used Horribly” According To Ex-President

“I think Harry has been used horribly and I think someday he will regret it,” Trump said of the Duke of Sussex, who has come under fire for comments he’s made about his experience growing up in the royal family. Earlier this year, he said that he has been trying to break the system of “genetic pain” that has been passed down from one generation to the next in his family. Though Harry’s very public musings about his upbringing have obviously been the cause of at least some of the tension within the royal family, Trump has placed the blame squarely on his wife. 

“I think it’s ruined his relationship with his family, and it hurts the queen,” Trump insisted, possibly speaking about either Harry’s relationship with Markle in general or the commonly termed “Megxit,” which has been used to describe the Sussexes’ step back from royal life. 

Trump On Markle’s Letter To Congress Scandal

Trump also acknowledged Markle’s most recent scandal in the interview, apparently calling her open letter to Congress, which she signed using her royal title of Duchess, “very inappropriate.” In his exact words, he said, “She is trying to do things that I think are very inappropriate.” 

On Markle’s Rumored Presidential Run

Trump previously responded to rumors Markle was considering a presidential run in 2024. Trump, who has not yet committed to making a run himself during the upcoming presidential election, said in an interview with Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo that he hoped Markle would run. “Well, I hope that happens because if that happened, then I think I’d have an even stronger feeling toward running,” Trump said at the time. 

He added a familiar talking point, continuing, “I’m not a fan of hers. I think that what she talks about the royal family and the queen — I happen to think, I know the queen, as you know. I’ve met with the queen and I think the queen is a tremendous person. And I’m not a fan of Meghan.” Markle has not made any public announcement about her possible run, which makes sense because the election’s still a little over two years away.

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