Dolly Parton's Manager Fires Back After Elizabeth Warren Uses Hit Song During Rally

March 11, 2019Mar 11, 2019

The race for the White House in 2020 has already started. Numerous political leaders have already thrown their proverbial hats into the arena in hopes of securing a nomination from their respective political party.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren recently announced she was running for President and seeking to oust Donald Trump from office. However, controversy is already plaguing her campaign.

"When Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., announced her presidential run, she did so underscore by Dolly Parton’s working-class anthem '9 to 5.' The song seemed to sum up the spirit of a candidacy built on giving workers a fairer shake," reported Fox News.

However, Dolly Parton never have Warren permission to use her famous song. Now, her representative is speaking out about the incident. Dolly's manager, Danny Nozell, has revealed that Warren never had permission to use the song and that Dolly also never gives permission for her songs to be used for political events.

“We did not approve the request, and we do not approve requests like this of (a) political nature,” Nozell told The Associated Press.

Dolly has spoken out in the past regarding her policy about using her songs for politic. She says it's not her place to chime in with her music.

"I don't voice my political opinions," she told Fox News at the time. "I just get out there and entertain. To me, that's what I do. I don't condemn them. I’ve got as many Republican friends as I’ve got Democrat friends and I just don’t like voicing my opinion on things. I’ve seen things before, like the Dixie Chicks. You can ruin a career for speaking out,” she said. “I respect my audience too much for that, I respect myself too much for that. Of course, I have my own opinions, but that doesn’t mean I got to throw them out there because you’re going to piss off half the people.”

Warren's campaign has declined to comment on the response from Dolly's manager. Nozell also declined to comment about potentially taking action against the campaign.

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