Scammers Charged After Hijacking Celebrity’s Multi-million Dollar Relief Fund

September 15, 2017Sep 15, 2017

This year our country has faced a number of great natural disasters including high Category hurricanes and massive wildfires, leading to the loss of dozens of lives and severe property damage. In the midst of troubles, it is such a blessing that so many members of communities across the nation have come together to help those in need.

One of the tragedies this year caused by a natural disaster was the Gatlinburg wildfires in Tennessee, which killed 14 people and demolished thousands of homes and other properties. In response, Dolly Parton set up a relief fund through the Dollywood Foundation to help the victims, which ended up being a multi-million dollar fund.

The fund called the “My People Fund” ultimately assisted 900 families with $9 million in only 6 months, according to Knox News. Unfortunately, scammers attempted to hijack the relief fund and ended up stealing about $12,000.

Thanks to a local police department, the scammers were stopped before being able to cause too much damage and negatively impact others benefitting from the fund. The scammers have been identified as a mother and her son, along with three other people.

The president of Dollywood Foundation stated, "It's unfortunate but when something good happens, there's always a handful who want to exploit things. They went through extremely elaborate means."

Local news sources reported Friday that the criminals were charged with a conspiracy to defraud the My People Fund. It is unclear when they will be sentenced and if they will be required to serve jail time.

What do you think about this? Share your thoughts in our Facebook comments. Please continue to pray for the victims of the wildfires and hurricanes. In other breaking news, a famous Christian evangelist is in need of a miracle as he battles a rare form of cancer; doctors believe is in his “final stages of life.” Please pray for him, as well. Thank you!

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