Dog Lovers: Labrador Swims into Ocean Every Day to Meet His Best Friend

April 07, 2018Apr 07, 2018

Tory Island is located off the northwest coast of Ireland. With its lush green fields, centuries-old structures, and gorgeous landmarks of mythological origin, the island seems like it is part of a J.R.R. Tolkien novel.

Among the residents of Tory, a special Labrador named Ben has become their unofficial mascot. Like the charming environs of Tory, there is nothing ordinary about the dog.

According to, a special friendship has developed between Ben and a most unlikely companion who lives in the sea. That companion, believe it or not, is a dolphin.

Every day the dog runs down to the pier and climbs down the stairs to the harbor, and then swims out to meet the dolphin referred locally as Dougie the Dolphin.

Check out the video:

According to the website, the Labrador belongs to a nearby hotel; the dolphin is well-known among the locals. BBC’s Countryfile aired a segment on the town and their relationship.

“You’re the only dog I’ve known who can swim with the dolphins!” laughs the host of Countryfile as he pets the wet dog.

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