Dog chews off leg to escape neglect finds forever home with owners who ‘intend to spoil her rotten’

After being kept without shelter, food or water, a pit bull was forced to gnaw at her own leg to escape. She was finally adopted by her loving new owners.

Bella, then a year old, was found starving by a passerby in Saginaw (Michigan) late last year. The poor pup had been abandoned and tethered with two steel cables in her owner’s backyard.

She had nothing to eat, and only a little water, which quickly ran out.

Bella the pit bull rescued in Saginaw, Michigan
Best Friends Animal Sanctuary

Bella tried to escape the cables by chewing off her own leg, but she couldn’t because her other leg was intertwined with the cables.

After spending weeks alone, the citizen found her after hearing barking and crying. She immediately reported the matter to the authorities.

Desiree Sage from Saginaw County Animal Care and Control came to Bella’s rescue.

Bella the pit bull rescued in Saginaw, Michigan
Best Friends Animal Sanctuary

“Walking into the backyard and seeing Bella in such distress that day was unimaginably gut-wrenching,” she said, according to a blog post on Best Friends Animal Sanctuary’s website. “Against all odds, Bella overcame being left for dead.”

Sage brought Bella to Saginaw County Animal Care and Control. She was given food, water and a warm bed. The dog was also treated at the shelter by veterinarians. After a few weeks, she was finally transferred to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, Utah, which is the largest non-kill pet sanctuary in America.

“While the dog is friendly and loving, [Saginaw County Animal Care and Control] was concerned about the trauma that Bella endured,” read the blog post.

“With the experienced trainers and caregivers on staff [at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary], Bella could get the care she needs, as well as all the time she needs to recover.”

Desiree Sage and Abbe Abbe Balderstone with Bella the pit bull
Best Friends Animal Sanctuary

Desiree, along with a colleague named Abbe balderstone drove Bella from Michigan back to Utah. The journey took them 1,800 miles and took 34 hours. Many people helped them on their journey, which was a blessing.

A local car dealership loaned them the car and covered the gas costs. Bob and Pat Schust from Saginaw, volunteers, also donated money.

Bella went to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary on January 15th, and spent just over two years healing from her injuries.

“After everything Bella’s been through, for her to be so comfortable, she really embodies the resiliency of dogs,” said director Ali Waszmer.

Bella the pit bull running with a pink plush toy in her mouth
Best Friends Animal Sanctuary

Bella eventually found her forever family. After falling in love with Bella right from the first moment they met, Jason Reding from Rockport (Illinois) adopted the pup on March 24th.

The couple read about Bella’s story online and went to see her in February after losing their senior pit bull Roxanne.

“The rest is history. Bella simply has an irresistible look. It was love at first sight,” said Kim. “We brought her to stay with us at the sanctuary’s onsite cottages for a week. She’s so energetic and has such a bubbly personality. We grew to love her even more.”

Kim and Jason know Bella’s terrible backstory and are determined to make up for everything she went through.

Kim Diehl and Jason Reding, the new owners of Bella the pit bull
Best Friends Animal Sanctuary

“We intend to spoil her rotten,” Kim said.

Bella has adjusted well to her new house. She sleeps in her bed on the ground next to Kim all night. She’s also potty trained and hasn’t had accidents so far.

The pair have “so much love” for their new family member, and the dog surely feels the same way toward her new parents.

We’re so glad to know that Bella is now safe in a home that truly cares for her! To see her incredible story of survival, click the video below by Best Friends Animal Sanctuary.

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