Does Jack Harlow Have A Girlfriend? All About His Love Life In 2022

The past two years have been Jack HarlowHe has become a major force in pop culture and rap music, and his charm, humility, and swagger make him even more appealing. Breaking into the scene in 2020 with his number two spot on the Billboard chart, “What’s Poppin,” Harlow was dubbed as the next rapper to watch. His fame and career have skyrocketed since then, which means that his fans are eager to learn more. Who is he married? What’s his sexual preference? Is there anyone in particular that he is interested in? We’ve dug deep to find out what’s really going on with Harlow’s relationship status and here’s what we know.

Rumors about his sexuality

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Jack Harlow exudes a certain magnetism. He has a bouncy, cloud-like appearance with angelic eyes and a relaxed confidence that draws you in. People are curious about Harlow’s relationships because of his secrecy. As for Harlow’s preference, it’s women, but that hasn’t stopped rumors from flying. 

After collaborating with gay rapper Lil Nas X for “Industry Baby,” people were speculating that Harlow could possibly be gay or bisexual. There were actually people on his team who opposed Harlow’s participation in the controversial artist telling GQ UK, “I had people in my corner that didn’t recommend I do that song, that don’t want to watch that video, you know? But I realized that there is a fundamental difference in how people see the world. Some people believe certain things to be wrong. There are some people, at the root level – although they don’t want to hurt any gays; they don’t hate gays – they think it is wrong, whether it’s religion or whatever reason it is. This is not me. Never.”

Despite the possibility that you might stir up a rumor, Harlow admits that it was an absolute honor to work with Lil Nas XFor the project. And despite any speculation about his sexuality, he doesn’t seem to be bothered by it one bit. He’s all about the art and having fun in the process. 

Harlow’s Rumored Flings

ATLANTA, GEORGIA - AUGUST 18: Jack Harlow performs on stage as GRAMMY-Nominated Rapper Jack Harlow Returns To The Masquerade In downtown Atlanta To Close Out Sprite's Live From The Label Summer Concert Series on August 18, 2021 in Atlanta, Georgia
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With Grammy nominations and chart-topping collaborations, it’s only natural that you’d have a line out the door of people who would want to date you. Given his talent, charm, and open mind, Harlow would be a great choice for a single-lady pool. But he’s been hush-hush about any potential relationships—both in the past or the present—only letting rumors flutter about the internet with no serious confirmations.

Addison Rae was rumored to have had a fling with the social media personality. The TikTok celebrity rose to fame through her dancing videos which she began posting in 2019. With over 86.1 million TikTok followersHer fans are closely following her every move. So, when she was spotted with Harlow at the Triller Fight Club boxing match in Atlanta in early 2021, immediate gossip ensued—were they friends or something more? Anyone who was hoping for more was disappointed when she tweeted shortly after the event, “I’m single.”

Another rumor that was short-lived was when Harlow first met Saweetie and introduced himself on the BET Awards red Carpet. A quick video was shot and shared by The Shade RoomThis seems to show a flirtatious interaction among the celebs. Harlow approaches the stunningly-dressed Saweetie and she claims that he was shaking and possibly “shooting his shot.” However, it was revealed that when TSR spoke with Harlow laterHe was trying to be kind. “You can’t say hello these days, I guess,” he said, adding, “That’s a friend… That’s a friend vibe.”

Is He currently dating anyone?

MIAMI GARDENS, FLORIDA - JULY 25: Jack Harlow performs on stage during Rolling Loud at Hard Rock Stadium on July 25, 2021 in Miami Gardens, Florida.
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So, all the rumors and high hopes aside—is Jack Harlow dating anyone or not? It seems that the rising star is still single, as it appears on his social media accounts and in interviews. Harlow, however, dreams of something more serious than just hook-ups and flings. 

In October 2021, Harlow shared with GQ, “I love women and dating is good. It’s funny, the bigger you get the more opportunities you have. Ironically, the stakes are higher and you tend to close down a bit more. So a girl I would have invited back to my hotel three years ago, I wouldn’t do it now.”

If someone does seem to pique Harlow’s interest, though, they better be ready to keep things on the down-low—like, real low. He’s admitted that he’s had women sign an NDA before hanging out—platonic or not. “Our time together is for us. And I present it, like, ‘Hey, listen, if you don’t want to sign this you don’t have to. This is a unique situation. And if you don’t want to do it that’s totally fine, but this is what needs to happen for us to be able to hang out. I just want us to hang out; I don’t want this to be a thing on the internet.’”

He’s a mysterious and intriguing one, that Jack Harlow. If any new relationship status changes arise, we’ll be the first to find out about it.