Doctors Just Delivered Breaking News About Fate of Rep. Steve Scalise

July 13, 2017Jul 13, 2017

Doctors have just delivered breaking news about the fate of the wounded Congressman, Steve Scalise. Scalise was wounded when he was shot during the Republican baseball practice in D.C. by an armed gunman.

The extent of his injury proved to be severe. He was scheduled for multiple surgeries and had been improving until he contracted an infection.

The infection caused doctors to downgrade his health and place him back in the Intensive Care Unit. Many prayed for him as he fought to battle off what could have been a fatal infection.

However, despite everything, Rep. Scalise is fighting back and doctors have just delivered some good news. According to a breaking news report on Thursday, the House Majority Whip underwent surgery to manage his infection and his health has been upgraded.

"Congressman Steve Scalise remains hospitalized at MedStar Washington Hospital Center. Today, he underwent surgery for the management of deep tissue infection related to his bullet wounds," MedStar said in the statement. "He is in fair condition, and will require careful monitoring to see if and when further interventions are necessary."

He is now listed in “fair” condition, according to a statement from hospital staff. The news is a major triumph in what has been a tough road to recovery for Scalise.

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