Doctors Issue Scary Warning After Popular Dessert Food Becomes Dangerous

October 31, 2017Oct 31, 2017

For many Americans, one of the best parts about going to a local fair is enjoying the delicious food. There is almost certainly a wonderful hot dog vendor or a deep-fried funnel cake salesman on nearly every corner.

However, for some people, eating their favorite desserts have proven to have a major consequence on their body. Now, officials are warning people so it hopefully won’t happen again to another innocent and unsuspecting customer.

According to reports, doctors and officials are warning people about eating desserts made with liquid nitrogen. Some say that the freezing foods are actually so cold they can burn you.

Cooking with liquid nitrogen isn’t a totally new technique — in fact, many chefs use the liquefied gas for livening up cuisines and cocktails. And there’s also an emerging trend of ice cream shops using it to serve up futuristic desserts, according to Today.

“First is rapid significant damage to the skin and body if swallowed,” he explained to TODAY Food. “Liquid nitrogen is what’s used by dermatologists to burn things off the skin so we know it can be destructive to tissue.” (In India, a cocktail containing liquid nitrogen that was consumed improperly put a hole in a man’s stomach.)

One young girl accidentally touched her dessert while it was still too cold for consumption and it burned her. Doctors had to treat the area for infection and she was soon at a local emergency room.

“I would urge caution for anybody around liquid nitrogen, particularly children,” one doctor said.

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