Doctors Insisted Pregnant Woman Have Chemo, But She REFUSED; Then THIS Happened

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April 14, 2016Apr 14, 2016

The terrible news seemed to come at the worst time possible. Just four days after Christian couple Phil and Kim Vaillancourt of Tonawanda, New York adopted three girls, Kim was diagnosed with an aggressive form of brain cancer.


According to the UK Daily Mail, doctors told 36-year-old Kim she needed intense cancer treatments, but Kim refused. Why? Because she was pregnant.

Forgoing potentially life-saving chemotherapy to put her unborn baby's safety first, Kim relied on God's provision, and in the meantime had surgeries to remove as much of the tumorous masses as possible from her brain.

Through that process, Phil said, "We’re praying a lot and trusting God through these next few weeks to keep these scans clean."

Just last week, Kim gave birth to a beautiful baby boy they named Wyatt Eli, which translates to "little warrior sent by God." Now that her pregnancy is completed, Kim will undergo chemo to keep the remaining cancer from spreading in hopes that it's not too late, despite her doctor's dire predictions. Phil and Kim are praying that it's in God's plan to preserve her life.

Phil declared, “We definitely believe in miracles.”