Doctor: Think Hillary Didn't Display Any Health Issues At 2nd Debate? Take A Closer Look

October 11, 2016Oct 11, 2016

Dr. Ted Noel of Vidzette has being doing extensive study of footage showing Hillary Clinton's obvious health issues in order to determine what she might be suffering from and if it is serious enough to disqualify her from being president. He's concluded that she shows numerous signs of a neurological disorder, namely Parkinson's Disease. Each new major event appearance Hillary makes reveals more evidence of it

In Sunday's second presidential debate, Dr. Noel admitted that there were few signs of Hillary's neurological disorder other than her eyes occasionally crossing — a common effect of the drugs she would be on if she had Parkinson's. But it was after the debate that Dr. Noel points out that Hillary really started exhibiting symptoms. Take a look:

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