Doctor SHATTERS Hillary’s Pneumonia Claim By Pointing Out One Simple Thing

September 15, 2016Sep 15, 2016

Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the mainstream media would like you to believe that the cause of her alarming medical crisis at the 9/11 memorial was the result of minor, non-contagious bacterial pneumonia.

Despite the fact that Hillary appeared to seize up, looked to be unresponsive and was unable to stand or walk without the help of her secret service agents, the media has shielded her from any scrutiny and pushed the notion that she had “overheated.” Only after hours of intense scrutiny did the Clinton campaign release her doctor’s diagnosis that it was nothing more than pneumonia. According to the Daily Caller, a doctor has made a compelling argument that Clinton is again lying to the American public.

Dr. Milton Wolf has effectively torn apart the notion that Clinton was suffering from pneumonia. Dr. Wolf pointed out on twitter that “non-contagious bacterial pneumonia” is not even a real thing. It does not exist. He challenged anyone to find a medical text that lists that as a real medical condition.

After defining Hillary’s condition as pneumonia, her Campaign tried to hint that she had contracted it from her campaign staff as a few of her staff had recently had pneumonia. Dr. Wolf pointed out how that is not possible. “Think about it,” Dr. Wolf said, “If there’s really such a thing as ‘non-contagious bacterial pneumonia,’ how did Hillary catch it?”

What do you think? Do you think Hillary had pneumonia?