Doctor Gives Most Frightening Evidence Of Hillary's Health Issues You've Ever Seen

September 12, 2016Sep 12, 2016

Hillary Clinton's health issues have been an ever-more-frequent concern, but the video below combined with Hillary's collapse yesterday at the 9/11 memorial event could truly be the straw that breaks the back of her campaign.

What you are about to see are the words of highly experienced medical doctor Ted Noel who looked at all the evidence of Hillary's health problems and presented a clear, concise, and logical conclusion about what is actually ailing the Democratic presidential nominee. This video is 16 minutes long, but it is absolutely riveting and downright frightening. Please watch.

This video was created before Hillary's collapse after the 9/11 memorial event yesterday. Hillary's campaign wrote it off as symptoms from pneumonia, but after watching this video, you'll see how it fits perfectly with what Dr. Noel is saying.

Since releasing this video a couple weeks ago, Dr. Noel has faced a lot of criticism from the Left. Now watch as he expertly defends his credentials, method, and conclusion: