Do You Have A Prayer Room? Sadie Robertson Shares Her Creation

November 18, 2015Nov 18, 2015

Do you have a "war room," a place where you can “prepare for the daily battles and struggles we all go through”?

According to The Blaze, "Duck Dynasty" star Sadie Robertson does.

After watching the box office hit "War Room," which features characters who create special rooms where they can spend time meditating on and talking to God, Sadie decided she wanted to create her own. She took took an old wooden trailer on the Robertson family property and decorated the inside to be her special room for prayer. She encourages other to do the same.


On Instagram she wrote, “[It is a place] for you to have a pre-day, mid-day or post-day talk or cry with God. It is for you to find your identity in HIM! To find your strength in HIM! Maybe it’s in your closet, maybe it’s a little wooden camper, or maybe it’s just in your car. Take that time out of your day to focus on the most important relationship in your life, and make it personal.”

What's your war room?