Do Angels Still Help People? Find Out What Kathie Lee Gifford Says

March 02, 2016Mar 02, 2016

According to, a new book — Come to the Garden — talks about how people can be drawn closer to God by divine encounters.


Kathie Lee Gifford narrates an audio version that comes with the book. In the book, the author, Jennifer Wilder Morgan, talks about her own life experiences.

She says, "Angels appeared to people in human form in Scripture and still do today. In my own experience, as well as the testimonies of many others, angels can appear to us, speak to us, and interact with us in human form."

She sees the real message of her book as not being just about angels, but an invitation for people to come to a deeper relationship with God. Jennifer said about Kathie Lee Gifford's being involved, "Kathie Lee Gifford is the narrator of the audiobook version of Come to the Garden...Her involvement is such a gift from God to me. She has a beautiful heart and spirit and I could not have had a more perfect person to put a voice to my story. It truly was an emotional experience to listen as she narrated my story with the same love and deep faith that I put into the writing of it."