DNC Holds A Moment Of Silence For Slain Police Officers, What The Crowd Does Next Is DISGUSTING

July 29, 2016Jul 29, 2016

Democratic politicians do little enough to honor the men and women who protect and serve our communities. The inflammatory rhetoric from Obama and his fellow party members emboldens the anti-police protestors.

In spite of their outspoken support for the ‘Black Lives Matter’ activist group that has routinely called for harm to be done to police officers, the Democratic party found it within themselves to set aside a moment at the convention to honor the fallen officers.


To honor those officers, the DNC invited Dallas County Sheriff Lupe Valdez to talk about the 5 officers who were gunned down by a black supremacist in early July. According to Fox News, Valdez invited the entire crowd to join her in a moment of silence for the slain officers.

“Please help me to honor all of America’s fallen officers with a moment of silence,” Valdez said. As she asked for silence, chants of ‘Black Lives Matter’ rang out across the auditorium.

The jeers and anti-cop sentiment unfortunately comes as no surprise. Earlier in the convention, the mothers of men who have died at the hands of police were given the opportunity to speak and push their anti-police message.