DJ Claims He Never Touched Taylor Swift, But He Keeps Changing His Story

August 08, 2017Aug 08, 2017

In 2013, David Mueller, a DJ from Denver, Colorado, was fired from his job after Taylor Swift reported he touched her inappropriately.  He reportedly reached under her skirt and groped her during a meet and greet. After he lost his job, Mueller sued Taylor Swift for damages and saying she falsely accused him. She promptly countersued for sexual assault. 

In the trial today, Fox News reports that Mueller said he brought the suit because she used her power to ruin his life.

"I am trying to clear my name,” he said, “and I am asking for lost earnings, whatever the jury sees fit."

During the opening statements of the trial, Mueller's attorney, M. Gabriel McFarland, made sure to emphasize that Mueller had no reason to assault swift. 

"David had his dream job, his girlfriend whom he loved,” the lawyer said, “and after just introducing himself to Taylor Swift...he had his hand up her skirt?"

Swift's attorney, Doug Baldrich, replied that situation is exactly what happened. He summarized the case in a concise sentence. 

"A woman is assaulted, a woman reports it, and she gets sued," said the lawyer. 

Swift’s lawyer later pointed out that Mueller has changed his story about what happened at the meet and greet at least seven times, reports 9News. 

Originally, Mueller claimed her never touched the singer. Later, he claimed to his bosses that he did touch her, but it was accidental. The third story was told when he filed his first lawsuit; this one claimed at his boss, Eddie Haskell, was the one who touched Swift—she was just confused. 

He also claimed that he couldn't have reached under her skirt because he was making a fist. Later, he said his open hand "jostled with Swift." 

"He also went on a Detroit-based radio show, Mojo in the Morning, and said his arms crossed with Swift, but he never touched her," reports 9News. 

During the opening statements, Mueller's lawyer said he merely touched Swift's rib and nothing else. During Mueller’s lawyer’s opening statement on Tuesday, he said his client touched her rib and nothing else.

Swift, who was 23 at the time while Mueller was 51, has said she is taking this case to court because she wants to fight back against sexual abuse. Her lawyer told the court that she's pursuing the case—and only asking for $1—because she wants to remind woman that "you can always say no."

Public relations strategist Marvet Britto added, "Pursuing legal action is not only protecting her own honor and dignity, but [that of] every voiceless woman who might not have been able to fight against similar inappropriate actions." 

The trial, which is in its second day, is expected to last nine days. Both Swift and her mother are expected to take the stand to testify to what happened. Read the original story with details about the incident and a photo from the meet and greet. 

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