DISTURBING New Info About School Bus Driver In Fatal Crash Emerges

November 28, 2016Nov 28, 2016

New information has emerged about the driver operating the school bus that crashed in a Chattanooga neighborhood last week, killing six children. The children were all between the ages of six and nine, according to WTVC.

The crash occurred the Monday before Thanksgiving after the bus, which was greatly exceeding the speed limit, crashed into a utility pole and slammed into a house, causing the bus to roll over into a tree that nearly sliced the vehicle in half.

24-year-old bus driver Johnthony Walker was arrested on multiple charges of vehicular manslaughter and reckless driving. And according to CNN, his job performance had been questioned numerous times in the weeks leading up to the crash.

Twice the principal of Woodmore Elementary School reported receiving complaints that Walker had a tendency to curse at students, and just 10 days before the fatal crash, the principal commented that Walker drove "way too fast."

A student who complained reported that driving was so erratic that "it feels like the bus is going to flip over."

A document obtained by Hannah Lawrence of WTVC shows a letter by Principal Brenda Adamson-Cothran to the Hamilton County Department of Education sharing complaints by six students who said the bus driver "was swerving and purposely trying to cause them to fall" on the Wednesday before the accident.

Another parent complained of Walker intentionally hitting his brakes hard enough to make students hit their heads on the seat backs in front of them and fall onto the floor. The parent was so upset he threatened to beat the driver up himself if he didn't start driving better.

Another student confirmed that Walker "makes [people] hit their heads."

In the letter, the principal also pleaded with the department to let her know what to do next and to obtain the on-bus footage from that day so they confirm what happened. Bus services are operated through the education department.

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