Disturbing Details Emerge About SHOOTER In Munich Terrorist ATTACK

July 25, 2016Jul 25, 2016

Germany is roiling from three terrorist attacks in three days. The latest one was by a Syrian refugee who pledged allegiance to ISIS and blew himself up last night at a music festival. The first was an axe and knife attack on a crowded train by an ISIS-inspired teenager.

Now investigators are looking for any ties between ISIS and an 18-year-old who killed 9 people and injured 35 more in a McDonald's and mall in Munich on Friday. According to CNN, investigators have discovered that the attacker, Ali Sonboly, had dual German and Iranian nationality and had planned the attack over the course of a year.

Police say Ali was mentally disturbed and they haven't found a connection between him and Islamic extremism, but a Muslim witnessed reported that Ali yelled "Allahu akbar! Allahu akbar!" before opening fire on children and teenagers in a McDonald's. He then fired at people in the street as he crossed over to the Olympia Shopping-Centre to continue his shooting rampage there.

Evidence shows Ali was obsessed with other mass shootings, and investigators have pointed out that the Munich shooting came exactly five years after the deadly slaughter of 77 people at a youth camp in Norway. He also drew more people to the McDonald's by using a fake Facebook account to tell people there was free food at the eatery. Most of the victims killed were teenagers.

Police are also questioning a 16-year-old Afghan friend of Ali on suspicions that he helped with the attack.