Famous Disney Movie Star Sentenced to Jail for Meth Possession

August 09, 2017Aug 09, 2017

According to E! Online, one of the most memorable child movie stars of the 1990’s was just sentenced to jail. The news was released by a spokesperson for the Burbank Police Department.

According to the article, Shaun Weiss was sentenced to 90 days in jail. Most people remember Weiss for his role as Greg Goldberg in “The Mighty Ducks” franchise.

He was recently arrested and charged with possession of meth. The news is sad for all who grew up watching him on their favorite movies.


“Weiss was detained on the afternoon of Aug. 2 after authorities were called over concerns of an unknown man allegedly wandering around the property of an apartment building near Warner Bros. studio in Los Angeles. Upon law enforcement arrival, Weiss was found to be in possession of presumed methamphetamine. He was subsequently placed under arrest and booked into the Burbank City jail on one count of drug possession, a misdemeanor,” read the report.


Weiss has been in trouble before. He recently was in trouble for petty theft after an incident at an electronics store. In that incident, he stole $150 in merchandise.

While the incident is sad, there is a positive development. It was reported by a rep for Weiss that, "Shaun is asking for prayers from his fans that he can find the light."

Please join us in praying for a successful recovery for this young man and for God’s grace in his life. Also, be sure to read our other article about a famous celebrity who just died from complications with ALS.

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