Disney Channel Star Hit With Restraining Order After Weird, Troubling Incident

October 26, 2017Oct 26, 2017

A Disney Channel star has been hit with a restraining order after a bizarre and shocking incident. Uriah Shelton, who played on “Girl Meets World” and “13 Reasons Why,” is now facing some serious trouble.

According to reports, Shelton is accused of kicking a friend in the stomach. Reports say the incident took place after the pair got into an argument.

The woman described herself as Shelton’s former best friend, according to EW.com. Apparently, she was trying to get in his way as he was trying to get into his vehicle when the kicking took place.

“I was standing in the way of his truck door [and] he kicked me in the stomach to get me out of the way,” she said in the filing.


The accuser also says she was intimate with Shelton at one time in their relationship. She said the kicking left her with trauma on multiple parts of her body.


“Abdominal and chest trauma, internal muscle bruising, [and] inflamed intestines,” she said in the documents. The woman, who said she had a sexual relationship with Shelton, also said he told her about his firearms to scare her.

Shelton has since opened up about the incident. He even discussed it during a recent interview where he said he learned how words and actions actually affect others.

“Realize what your actions and words do to other people. Once you do realize the effect they have on others, don’t use them for the wrong reason,” she said. “Don’t manipulate, abuse, or hurt anyone with them. And if you do accidentally hurt someone, make things right with them.”

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